Erica N

Sep 30, 2021

2 min read

Another Why I Am Leaving [Insert Platform] Article

I tried many platforms in my day. I tried YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, a Sam’s Club membership…everything. I have one thing to say. I don’t like any of them. Even though I tried them for two days, I think I formed enough opinion to write a 40 page essay about my thoughts and feelings of the platform in hopes that people will leave the platform and it dies. That never happens and I’m pretty sad about it.

I know that there are thousands of why I am leaving twitter articles online but my why I’m leaving twitter article is better. Yes, I am regurgitating the same stuff as the those other articles but my article has better GIFs and formatting.

Every time I don’t like something, I write an article about it. If I don’t like oranges, you best believe my next article will be called, “I bought an orange that made my smell like tuna for 3 days and other reasons why you should never eat oranges.”

Afterwards, I will write another article called, “Why I decided to not buy Minute Maid.” A week later, “Why I dislike the color red and Netflix and why you should do the same.”

Even though I never mention what I am leaving the platform for, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I don’t like it and I want the whole world to know that. Twitter is not enough to state my opinion. I must dedicate an entire blog post about it.

Could the reason I write so many platform departure blogs is because love a little unpopular opinion to get them riled up and I am looking to boost traffic to my already dying blog? Maybe. Could it also be because showing dislike to everything you know little about is a trendy thing to do on the internet nowadays? Eh, maybe that too.

Either way by the end of the day, I’ll continue to join a new website or platform for a few days and write a departure article about that too. Join me next time after I publish my next article, “Why I decided to leave Wordpress and TikTok on a Tuesday afternoon after lunch.”