I tried many platforms in my day. I tried YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, a Sam’s Club membership…everything. I have one thing to say. I don’t like any of them. Even though I tried them for two days, I think I formed enough opinion to write a 40 page essay…

A recap of all stories from August


This month’s newsletter is going to be a brief one since I’ve only published one story last month.

After this month, the amount of stories I will publish will go down to about once a month. I decided to focus on other things outside of writing for now. …

A short lovely tale about a pet human finger

Once upon a time, there was a young man that went through a breakup. He was lonely and needed a companion and not another girlfriend. Done were the days of romantic relationships. He was allergic to everything that had hair so no pets for him.

Weird short tales

A tale about a woman and her relationship with her pet human ear

Once upon a time, there was a woman that had a pet ear. She didn’t have not just any ear but a human ear. She named it Flower because it smelled and looked like one.

She took Flower everywhere she went. She took it to the grocery store, the gas…

A tale about a highway and an annoying recurring pothole

Once upon a time, there was a pothole on a road near Lubbock, TX that never went away. Every time someone tried to repair the pothole, it magically reappeared.

Some people thought it was a sinkhole but it wasn’t. It was just an annoying pothole. …

A tale about a woman on a rainbow that made people “happy”

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Wilma that lived in a rainbow. She always showed up in this town called Appleberry. Every time the people of Appleberry saw her rainbow, they knew it was her. …

A recap of all the stories from July

Hello again,

It has been awhile since the first newsletter. I wasn’t able to post any stories last month. I had to deal with moving to another town after spending an endless amount of time looking for a new place. …

He always wears his socks and refuses to remove them

Once upon a time, there was a man that wore socks all the time. He was never seen without them.

He wore socks while sleeping.

Short Weird Tales

A tale about a bear having a hard time finding a new roof for his home

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Nome that lived in a large orange house.

The orange house was boring to look at. Nome wanted a cool house so he decided to renovate it. …

This is unacceptable. No more raccoons!

Illustration made by the author.

Son, we need to talk. We need to talk about the giant raccoon that’s in your closet. We can’t keep him.

In the past week, he has left tree trunk sized droppings in every room in this house. He has ate our furniture and our car. He has pissed in…

Erica N

An illustrator that writes humor and satire about everything and nothing at the same time.

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